Tell Me A Story: Our 5 Favorite Kids Books About Adoption

Kathryn Russell
Kathryn Russell

LMSW, Director of Absolute Love Adoptions

It’s a rabbit hole out there on the world wide web when you search “children’s books about adoption.” How can you possibly know which ones are worth buying, and how do you narrow the list down? We’ve done it for you!


Here are the 5 best picks geared towards domestic infant adoption with open relationships and using the most modern positive adoption language.

 Elena is an adoptee and an LMSW, and wrote this simple book about how adoption is both wonderful and hard.  

Written by an adoptive mother and her daughter Avery, this read embraces the inherent loss around adoption. Told from a child’s point of view and adorned with magical fairytale-like illustrations, this book can help facilitate talking about big, complex feelings.


This sweet read written by an adoptive mom is perfect for children ages 3-5. The story follows a squirrel adopted by a rabbit family as he goes on a visit with his birth family.


This cheeky take on “Are You My Mother” follows a silly yellow bird looking for his mother. When he can’t find an animal mommy that looks just like him, he finds families fit in their own way.


If I only recommend one book about adoption again, this would be it. This book is an absolute gem. 


This is a story of an apple tree unable to bear fruit until a farmer grafts a branch from another tree onto her. She soon becomes the most colorful tree in the orchard. The story is meant to symbolize an adopted child’s grafting onto their adoptive family’s tree. This story is beautifully told and enhanced with delicate illustrations.


We provided Amazon Affiliate links, but if you’re able to purchase from a small local bookstore, please do! If your library is cooperative in obtaining book requests, request they purchase these books on the list. 



Reading to your child is the easiest way to open up lines of communication about adoption, build adoption positive vocabulary and empower your child to embrace their identity as an adoptee.



Know a great book that isn’t on this list? Let us know!

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